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Welcome to a world where ambitious women break barriers and redefine success on their terms. At Incredible Buzz, we empower you to unleash your authentic power, elevate your influence, magnify your impact, and skyrocket your income. 

Discover the strategies, resources, and community you need to achieve your goals, forge your unique path, and create a life of purpose and abundance. 

It’s time to step into your full potential and embrace success on your own terms. Join us an embark on a transformative journey to greatness. 



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Unleash your unstoppable mindset! Master the mind, the art of motivation and conquer any challenge with ease.


Personal Brand

Embrace your authentic brand! Harness the power of defining and reflecting values that elevate your impact.


Goal Setting

100 things to do in life! Unlock the power of prioritisation and pursue a life filled with meaningful achievements.



Your leadership matters! Cultivate growth, engage hearts, and inspire greatness in those you lead.



Empower your voice! Unlock the secrets of effective communication to build stronger, lasting relationships.


Self Awareness

Know who you are! Uncover hidden blind spots and embrace the transformative power of self-discovery.



Toot your horn! Master the art of confidence-building and conquer your goals with conviction.


Career $$

Own your career journey! Embrace your worth, pursue your passion with intention, and become the CEO of your success.

About Me

You were born for greatness not mediocrity!

I’m Monica Watt, your guide to unleashing your leadership potential. No more excuses… lets ignite your drive, amplify your impact and pave the way for your success as a leader. 

Life is about making choices. When you are not changing, then you have chosen not to!


What Clients Are Saying

“I came and worked with Monica who has helped me gain clarity about who I am, where I am going in my career. Well worth it.”

Gemma S

“I wasn't sure what to expect with coaching, turns out I should have found a coach years ago to get this insight much earlier, thanks Monica”


I must thank you for your 1:1 guidance, Monica, with fine-tuning my resume and your tips on salary negotiations, helped quite a bit during my interview process. I was able to get a job quickly in Australia, primarily because of your motivation and guidance. I found your services extremely valuable and will recommend them to anyone who needs valuable career guidance.

Aswini M

I came to incredible buzz and worked with Monica to gain some perspective on my career. She helped me refocus on what i was doing, why I was doing it, what I wanted & helped me realise where I wanted to go. With her assistance I’m starting a new role in the coming weeks, within the same company. I’m so excited for the challenges ahead. I can’t recommend Monica enough! To coin a popular phrase “she is simply the best”

Sharon m