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From the April 2022 issue

Change... be honest and ask yourself some questions?

If I asked you if you ever had to deal with change, I would guess that you would say yes. From changing brands, products, services, friends, government, homes, jobs, environments we all are subject to change. You are lucky if the change is planned, if it’s not, well maybe that’s not so lucky. It really depends on how you view the change, and it is through this that we can see we all have different mechanisms for identifying and handling, or in some cases not handling change.

By Monica Watt

From the May 2022 issue

How do you influence others successfully?

To be effective in organisations today, you must master the ability to influence others may it be in good or challenging times.  By definition, influence is the ability to affect the behaviour of others in a particular direction, leveraging key tactics that involve, connect, and inspire them.

By Monica Watt

From the June 2022 issue

Did you know that having a positive mindset could be your way to success?

We are bombarded by the things happening around us, the global pandemic, wars, natural calamities, politics, economic recession, unemployment and many others. It seems we are surrounded by negativity, losing focus on the right perspective of life and what good it has to offer. It is a matter of choice of what you want to do with your life and the things you perceive to create a purposeful and meaningful life thus creating an impact. You create your own story. Take full ownership over your life. It all starts with your self-belief and your approach to life. A positive mindset is key.

By Monica Watt